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The first agency leading the way at the intersection of Health and Web3

Diving into the future of healthcare? Let us simplify it for you! At Medrise Studio, we bridge healthcare with Web3 – the next evolution of the Internet based on decentralized systems, patient empowerment and engaging experiences. 

Metaverses, blockchains, tokens and more! We help our clients understand the Web3 revolution, identify opportunities and build impactful projects. Together, we're shaping the next era of healthcare.


Dive into Web3 with Us! 🚀

Feeling a tad lost in the Web3 world? Don’t fret! We'll demystify this digital realm for you. Together, we'll dive into blockchains, cryptos, and more – making sure you come out feeling like a Web3 whiz!


Unearth Hidden Opportunities 🌟

Web3 + Healthcare = Endless Possibilities! But where do you start? With our trusty treasure map, of course! We’ll guide you, spotting those golden opportunities that fit just right with your goals. Ready for the hunt?


Master the Web3 Toolbox 🛠️

Ever heard the saying, "Learning by doing?"  From the intricacies of blockchain to the wonders of metaverses, we'll guide you as you play, explore, and master the most cutting-edge tools of the digital age.


Immersive Experiences Await! 🌌

Imagine diving into a virtual world where learning meets fun. With us, that's a reality! We craft digital adventures that aren’t just informative but are a roller-coaster ride of excitement.

We recently had the privilege of facilitating an intensive, hands-on training session for the Market Access team of a globally-renowned pharmaceutical company. Our session was meticulously tailored to their needs, weaving together theory and practice. Through an array of concrete examples, case studies, and real-time projects, we provided them with a comprehensive understanding, preparing them to harness the transformative power of Web3 in their strategies and initiatives.

At the crossroads of healthcare and cutting-edge technology, we undertook a comprehensive study assessing the viability of utilizing blockchain for managing consents within a hospital setting. Our exploration delved deep into the specifics, weighing the benefits of enhanced security and transparency against the potential challenges of integration and adoption.

Navigating the groundbreaking realm of the metaverse, we curated and delivered immersive workshops tailored specifically for pharmaceutical representatives. These sessions plunged participants into virtual environments, simulating real-world scenarios to enhance their understanding and interactions within the digital domain. Our workshops aimed to empower pharma reps with the skills and knowledge needed to harness the metaverse's potential.

Emma Johnson
"Nevo's team is a true creative powerhouse! They understood our brand's essence and translated it into a visually stunning website. Their talent and dedication are unparalleled."
"I would trust Medrise Studio with my eyes closed. They are the best in the Web3 game applied to healthcare."
Sophia Lee
"I can't thank Nevo enough for the outstanding design work they provided for our rebranding. Their ability to capture our brand identity and elevate it was truly remarkable."

Meet Our Talented Team

At Medrise Studio, our team is a passionate collective of healthcare professionals, marketers, and designers who are dedicated to turning your vision into reality.